The second-screen experience at the game

Today’s attendees at sporting events are a much more sophisticated bunch than perhaps in previous years. Whilst a cold, hard seat and a greasy meat pie (or other snack depending on your country/culture) might have been all that was available then, today’s sports fan expects a whole lot more. At home, they’re probably used to the second screen experience; in the stadium, we also expect a whole lot more than just a distant view of the action!
Whether it’s snooker, football, cricket or motorsports, being able to hear the commentary whilst at the event makes the whole experience. For larger, high-profile events, the commentary might be provided by TV/Radio teams already at the event. In other cases it could come from in-house TV/Radio channels or website or other enthusiasts. Spectators love to be able to hear the commentary, expert opinion or just confirmation that the goal actually did go in. LimeOnAir is a simple, low-cost way to make commentary available to anyone at the venue.

Lime On Air can also add even more value to the visitor experience - let fans hear the club radio, a channel of pre-match interviews and chat, or even umpire and referee microphones/feeds where these are permitted by sporting bodies.

Providing multiple versions of your audio content (for example for home and away fans) or multi-lingual variants is also so simple to do.


About us

Lime Broadcast provides professional audio over IP solutions to broadcast and professional audio customers. Our proprietary technology allows for live (very low delay), high quality, very reliable audio over IP networks, the Internet and WiFi. LimeOnAir uses the same technology we supply to the biggest broadcasters around the world and will prove a professional solution to your requirement.

  • Very low delay (live)
  • Professional audio quality
  • Reliable, scalable solution